Outlining a new garden bed with a sharp edge.

I will begin my project with the edging of the new backyard beds and pond.  These edges will be made by spade… and hopefully not take a ton of time.   To start I need to sharpen the spade’s blade.

Sharpening Tools:

1. Remove Rust from shovel body:  From least efficient to most:  Sandpaper, orbital sander or angle grinder with a wire brush.

2. Sharpen edge: from least to most efficient.  Bastard file, angle grinder with a metal grinding disc. Put shovel in a vise with the tip slightly upward. Keeping file or grinder parallel to the floor, use single forward motion with file (no sawing).  With the angle grinder you want to move over surface quickly to keep the metal from overheating and losing its temper.   Who wants a shovel with a bad temper??

3. Rust protector:  Linseed oil or rustoleum


Here is the layout by grass height.


This guy likes a good edge that comes from a sharp spade.  I tend to agree!




An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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