The pollinator garden five years on

It’s hard to remember the patch of dirt, trash containers and Rock wasteland that welcomed, or should I say scared visitors in my backyard.

Today it’s an ever evolving combination of late spring and summer blooming plants that grow where they seeds of the previous year land. Few are the black-eyed susans… While echinacea and linum abound. The addition of artemesia cools the scene.

Soon I will add climbers to the hog fence arbor. Will it be honeysuckle and roses? We shall see.

But I love this little nook.


Artemesia Silver mound has a cooling effect to this hot bed


2014 was the beginning of my journey to transforming my plants from the traditional garden fare to natives and plants with value to the declining populations of  native pollinators.  The inspiration came after honey bees took up a flicker nest in our silver maple.  It wasn’t long before I realized that even more beneficial are the natives.  I am still learning what plants are the most beneficial.  Eventually this place will be haven for our critters.


Artemisia schmidtiana – non-native



Designing the Pollinator’s Garden

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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