JeffCo Traffic Information

Our days end with ever louder traffic.  Unbeknownst to us, they raise the speed limit and our quiet corner of the world keeps us from hearing our neighbors only a yard away.

Its critical to restore balance

Seeking a traffic review.

Wadsworth is labelled as a parkway alongside our neighborhood.  JeffCo Roadway Plan

JeffCo Streets and Roads policies  –  the noise barrier policy states it will only provide barriers to streets classified as arterial.  So what is a parkway in this scheme?  I sent an email 7/6 to find out.

I’m going to start talking to my neighbors about the road traffic to see if we can have a study done.


Below is an excerpt from:

1 Title: Administrative Policy    —   Noise Barriers

Policy No.Part 8, Streets and Roads


Chapter 1, ProgramsSection 2Effective DateFebruary 6, 2007Policy CustodianTransportation and Engineering DivisionAdoption/Revision DateFebruary 6, 2007 / September 2016Adopting Resolution(s): CC07-062References (Statutes /Resos/Policies):CC96-072, CC05-101, CC06-545


Purpose:To allow for the use of noise barriers on the County’s Arterial Streets/Roads to mitigate noise levels due to an increase in traffic. The Board of County Commissioners Finds that the use of noise barriers may help to mitigate these adverse noise levels.Policy:Construction of Noise Barriers on County Arterial Streets/Roads

A. Definition

A noise barrier can be a fence or a berm.

B. Applicability

1. These policies shall govern the County’s obligation to construct a noise barrier in county right-of-way on certain arterial streets/roads. The County is not obligated to construct any Noise Barrier(s) along any County Street/Road, but may consider noise barriers as provided below.

2. The County may consider constructing a Noise Barrier(s) on an Arterial Street/Road when the County undertakes a road widening improvement project to increase the traffic capacity on such arterials if all of the following conditions are met:

  •  An additional through lane(s) is to be added to the Arterial Streets/Road.
  • The Arterial Street/Road is in a residential area.
  • The County receives a written request from a majority of property owners and residents.

3. The County may also consider constructing a Noise Barrier not associated with a road widening improvement project if the County receives a written request from a majority of property owners and residents under all of the following conditions:

  • The request is for a Noise Barrier along an Arterial Street/Road in a residential area.
  • If a computer noise model or field measurement(s), conducted by the County, indicates that the noise level of the traffic will exceed the noise standards adopted by the Colorado Department of Transportation and/or the Federal Highway Administration (“CDOT/FHWA”) for residential uses.

4.  The County will not consider constructing a Noise Barrier(s) on a street/road that is not classified as an Arterial.



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