The garden walk about


  • Re-establish curves of the original flower bed
  • Introduce more rock to ‘base garden’.  The space between flower bed and paths to and from the bridge.
  • Dig out path outlines on far side of bridge- started

Look for good ways to transition between path and base garden. Some favorite plants like think soil in the pea gravel. Seed for linum.  But we must have more stable ground next to the grass. This part of the garden will get good amount of sun and will serve as the backbone of the new layout for soil and use in native plant establishment.

Today I dug out some outlines of the garden path that will be filled with


The garden under the apple is coming along nicely. What started out as a place for extra stones, is now a quiet retreat for meditative calm.

Who’d have guessed 20 round feet would hold it’s own place. It asks us to first find, then enter it’s stream. Along the way you might see trouble. But there is no danger because you’re keeping a path in the place where everyone is welcome.

Seek with your eyes and follow your heart 💓 Soon each will drift to the unnoticed slowing your breath and mind. Hear a bird’s happy song temper the city din. When you think of others, beauty increases a hundred fold. I spy butterflies floating above a sunny spot. Hummingbirds testing the plumbago’s blue flowers below dining finches and chickadees. I make out a brown head bent to the water bowl. Drink for the hot day ahead.
Here I see balance and bounty for all.

The garden’s curve considers the greater needs for place. Spiders hunker below rock ledges. And pill bugs lower still. The bridge across deep hollows provides life for them, and meaning for us. We can share our place dispelling the fear that to concede some is to concede all.

Noone needs this reminder as much as those continually bathed in the messages of modern America. We know self centered consumption will come to its end. What path it will take is up to us. Do we chose to thrive in a pocket of childless abundance? Our friends and family without their own keeping our hearts full while we tend the larger flock?

Come into our garden, our doors are always open.


Out the patio door. Below the spirea a cosmos Prairie flanked be the two spirea.. the second sitting between gravel and the cosmos. To their left, a stand of pearly whites low growing.

  • Dig up grass between wall and path
  • Prep spirea for transplant. 1 week
  • Seed spirea bed.
  • Pearly white bed portion remain grass (purchased 5 snow in summer… could not find pearly whites)

The three peonies will be moved to along the back fence to create a continuous g teen field the same height.

  • Bed needs water retention.. move grass or clay, mulch
  • Move grass to center hill
  • Weed

Daisy’s grass will move to the island along with the blue fescue.

  • Cover mind with plastic then grass

Little bluestem will align the left most forefront corner of the prairie, creating a line of be from the space to the hammock.


The Asiatic Lillies are not getting enough light. Small mirrors to shine light back towards the patio. Mirrors at the base of the honey locust. Or do I just move those to the base of the honey locust?

By 10:00 am the prairie is in full sun.

I will keep the dill and such next to the last row of big bluestem. Find out how wide these grow.

The Mexican hair grass is absolutely gorgeous right now.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.