Desert fall






The colors of the fall desert. What a lovely sight. Such harmony of colors Monet would have been jealous. The most beautiful come from a spiky bitter weed I cannot name but surely remember from childhood romps in the fields behind our home.

I wonder how many traveling along this same road appreciate it’s peachy hot pink exuberant fall show.

It’s like it yelling look at me, I’m not so bad really! I can make you smile. And indeed you have. Well done little thorn.

There is another purple very fine plant that only grows on the dark gray siltstone. It’s leaves are so fine I can’t tell if they are a grass or what. Some day I must stop to see.

Are these the colors Georgia O’Keefe saw in the her Sante Fe desert? I bet she’d have loved the scenes as well.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.