Bulbs for spring feeding

Iris reticulata

Purple-blue flowers.
Late winter/early spring
Sun/Part Shade
Ht: 6-7″ Size: 6/+ Qty: 26
Spacing:3-4″ Pl.depth:3″
Product Grown From Cultivated Stock
Ref: 9178


Violet-pink flower heads
Late spring/early summer
Full Sun
Ht: 14-16″ Size: 6/+ Qty: 26
Spacing:14-16″ PI.depth:4
Product Grown From Cultivated Stock

Camassia ‘Blue Melody’

14-18″ h x 6-18″

Recommended spacing 4″

Variegated grass-like leaves. Can tolerate a wetter environment like the clays I have that will be additionally irrigated next to lawn.. Naturalizing – will create babies!

This is good next to a stream.


Buy Camassia quamash from Sarah Raven:

Camassia quamash is a vivid blue, with tall, bold
flowers that will naturalise in grass and is even
happy in moist ground. One of the most tolerant and
long-lived bulbs you can grow

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