A foreign allium while waiting for natives.

Planting the Rosy Dream allium

Native  alternative:  Allium cernuum – good for native bees.  Grow in moist soils .

allium-carolinianum is a native of asia – is a lower growing allium standing at 14 -16″  Its light color will look most striking against a darker background.  These bloom from mid-spring until early summer.  April – June.  I will need a reminder to note the first appearance.

I have enough bulbs to cover 5′ square feet.  10 alliums at 4″ spacing per foot.  Determined to make this easy I could:

Create a shape = 1  foot square

Perhaps a cardboard cutout with 10 holes to mark the square. Or I could just use the shovel to create squares. Or let my eye be my guide.  For the most part that has been mode of operandi. Sometimes to an areas benefit and sometimes not.

Having a mechanism to create nice curves is what I need.  So I will create


Culver’s root for a rich brown contrast.  I want to look for a Colorado native alternative.

June Grass for a lighter feel

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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