Allium Cernuum

allium cernuum aka nodding onion

Allium Cernuum (Nodding Onion)

  • Native to Colorado
  • Can be planted in damp clays
  • 1 -2′ tall pink blooms
  • Best planted in mass


This full sun bulb of the onion family blooms in late summer, Jul to August.  It is good for pollinators and deer resistant.  The delicate blooms vary from white to pink.  If planted alone it is best to provide a dark backdrop for the flowers, otherwise a mass of blooms are needed to make an impact.

Value to our native bees

“Allium cernuum has special value to native bees, and attracts a variety of bee species including leafcutter, small resin, sweat, bumble, and cellophane bees.

This plant supports conservation biological control by attracting beneficial insects to the garden, including syrphid flies and soldier beetles, which eat common garden pests. Allium cernuum also reportedly helps to repel aphids, carrot flies, moles, tree borers, and weevils.”


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Nodding Onion Photos



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