Prunus virginiana

Prunus virginiana var. demissa– Western Chokecherry

Tall Shrub 15′ x 10; Spread, White flowers from late June to early August.

  • native host plant for butterflies
  • spreads via runners
  • grows in sun or shade
  • lovely red purple fall color


 A few plants existed when I moved in and I have cut some and allowed other runners to grow forming a long hedge along the northern border of the back yard.

Role in Ecosystem

Catapillar Host Plant for two tailed swallowtail

The lovely little cherries can be made into jam if you can catch them before the birds.

Luckily this plant also helps serve a key element of habitat.

Habitat Types and Plant communities

The following is a direct quote from the US Forest Service Information on habitat.


The 3 chokecherry varieties occur in numerous habitat types and plant communities. Chokecherry often forms mixed stands with other tall shrubs.


Pretty pictures from the Powell Garden:

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.