Plant Growth Habits Codes and Definitions

Natural Resources Conservation Service present Plant Growth Habits Codes and Definitions to reference. PLANTS Description PLANTS Definition Notes Forb/herb Vascular plant without significant woody tissue above or at the ground. Forbs and herbs may be annual, biennial, or perennial but always lack significant thickening by secondary woody growth and have perennating buds borne at or… Continue reading Plant Growth Habits Codes and Definitions

Colorado plant biomes

If climate is forcing the movement of animals, plants and disease… what is the mix of plants to experiment with? To know, you must understand what biomes have been mapped and when. 2014 – CSFS Forest Mapping of Colorado  –  How has climate impacted front range communities?  Is it drier in the winter? Who is… Continue reading Colorado plant biomes

Sandy Soil Natives

This is my first foray into sandy / loose soils.  Up until this year, most of my gardening has taken place in mature suburban yards.   Places with some pretty ugly clay when you dig down.  Thank goodness for the class I’m taking.  I have learned about sand as a soil and how to work with… Continue reading Sandy Soil Natives