Is the bumble bee I saw a Bombus Centralis?

I have downloaded the app called iNaturalist that allows any nature observer to log their siting.  If validated, they can become part of research data.  To that end, I tried hard to get pictures for identification, but alas need more than a phone’s camera.  Without confirmation they can only be notes there so i should add more here.

April 11, 2020

70 degree day. Pollinator Observations:
  1.  Bumble bee (bombus centralis) flying low over the grass for a nesting site perhaps?
  2.  Hovering bee-like fly (TBD)  over the peach leaf buds.
Criteria for identification – Bombus Centralis
  1. Its early spring (April 11)
  2. Yellow body and rust tail.
  3. 3/4″ long
  4. Location JeffCo / elevation 5500′
  April 10, 2020 Very big bumble bee.  yellow and black.  Foraging around purple hyacinth. did not stop,  No pic.

Bombus Centralis

Flight Periods for B. centralis: Queens: Fly early April through July. Elevation Range for B. centralis: 5,000 to 10,000 feet (1524 to 3048 meters). Floral Associations for B. centralis: Asteraceae: Aster sp. (yellow), Carduus nutans, Carduus sp., Chrysothamnus sp., Cirsium arvense, C. scariosum, Cirsium sp., Erigeron sp., Gaillardia sp., Grindelia squarrosa, Helianthella sp., Helianthus annuus, Helianthus sp., Liatris punctata, Ratibida sp., Taraxacum sp.; Capparaceae: Cleome serrulata, Cleome sp.; Caprifoliaceae: Symphoricarpos sp.; Crassulaceae: Sedum sp.; Cucurbitaceae: Cucurbita pepo; Fabaceae: Astragalus laxmannii var. robustior, Dalea sp., Lotus corniculatus, Lupinus argenteus, Lupinus sp., Lupinus sp. (blue), Melilotus sp., Thermopsis montana, Thermopsis sp., Trifolium repens; Geraniaceae: Geranium caespitosum, G. richardsonii; Grossulariaceae: Ribes leptanthum, Ribes sp.; Hydrophyllaceae: Hydrophyllum sp., Phacelia heterophylla, Phacelia sp.; Lamiaceae: Monarda fistulosa, Monarda sp., Nepeta cataria; Liliaceae: Allium sp.; Loasaceae: Mentzelia speciosa; Plantaginaceae: Linaria vulgaris, Penstemon degeneri, P. griffinii, P. secundiflorus, Penstemon sp., Penstemon sp. (blue); Primulaceae: Primula parryi. Ranunculaceae: Delphinium sp.; Rhamnaceae: Ceanothus sp.; Rosaceae: Rosa acicularis, Rosa sp., Rubus deliciosus; Salicaceae: Populus sp., Salix sp. Flight Periods for B. centralis: Queens: Fly early April throu  

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