iNaturalist – Nature observation for citizen science

A youngin

iNaturalist is a phone app you can use to record the things you see in the natural areas you visit.  It easy to start.

Sign up at the website, Download the app from your iphone or android store.  Sign-in and take a look at the Missions to get an idea of the plants, animals and invertebrates you may see in your area.  Start logging your observations and join projects that collect data on specific days of the year.

Upcoming Event!  April 24  – 27  City Nature Challenge.

Denver Metro will be included in this event and I have signed up.


Denver’s city challenge stats from 2019 @iNaturalist See link to iNaturalist site for more details on signing up for 2020.


To help scientific research, I’m starting my observations in daily walks in our county open space. This is a drainage area with a small stream that contains running water most of the year.  Alongside the stream are cottonwoods and salix.  There is a small basin that captures summer rains and has some reeds.  But the majority of land is covered by smooth brome grass.  In small sparse patches you can find: winterfat, milkweed, redtwig dogwood, 2 or 3 varieties of thistle.


I also intend to create an inventory of my garden plants and the animals who find food and shelter here.  This app is just the thing to know if you’re truly gardening for the benefit of nature, or just your ego.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.