I need morning glories, will seed from 2005 germinate?

The hog fence trellis has sat empty for over a year. Setup as the gate to my side yard, it will be a flower filled welcome sign.

The pandemic has forced me into my closets to look for the plants I want to grow this year. In a shoe box lies seed packets dating back to the summer we bought our house, fifteen years ago. So would seed that has sat in a dark box year in and out have any potential to germinate? We shall see. And if not — I will find more.

Ipomoea nil – an annual that seeds readily, will quickly cover a trellis, blooming in summer.

– Blue Star Morning Glory: packed for 2006 in Holland.

– Scarlet O’Hara Morning Glory: packed for 2006 in USA

– Milky Way Morning Glory: packed for 2004 in Holland

Lathyrus Oderatus

– Sweet pea

old vine seeds

Update: 6/2

Of the seeds planted, 4 germinated and are making their way up the trellis. It will be a grand surprise what color they turn out.

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