The prairie is still waiting to be planted

So the front half of the prairie will be planted over the next few days. It is gray and dreary today. Perfect time for planting. My prairie bed is a large kidney shape. Finding lots of clay may prove a challenge to my initial grass choices. June grass and a blue grass from the open space are up front. I intend to plant my seedlings in a variety of materials to see how each establish. To allow the new grass to acclimate, I  initially cover the clay with light landscape fabric.  Grasses are the matrix anchoring the prairie.  For the patio facing view;  I want the impression of a mown path through a prairie. An hour earlier I wasn’t thinking I’d finally get things in the ground.   After a great start of seedlings and prepping, my work on the prairie was at a standstill.  It’s always this time where you have to commit. The committing to an idea, for me, can cause paralysis. But seedlings need planted. They have endured both drought and drowning.  All will be planted tonight or tomorrow.


But we all know everyone comes for the pictures so have some.

sideoats grama

These will soon have this garden!

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.

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