Can the garden take a year with no monsoon and no sense?

It’s hot and dry. Though we get dark gray clouds, nothing falls. By 9 it was 85 degrees.  And 2?  91.  For the last two years one been prepping my dry garden for this weather.  The goal? 50%  reduction in area needing irrigation.

My latest water bill shoes I’m making good progress.  They say with about 7900 SQ ft of land will use on average 12 gallons per square foot over the growing season.  This month I was below the average by 15,000 gallons.   I would say I’m doing pretty well even before I remove the schedule for the bluegrass lawn. That will be another year.

The prairie still waits plants. Although it’s 16 plants happier.  7 Dalea Purpurea and 3 ratabida and 3 gay feather and 5 little blustem. Earlier in June I planted 7 June grass and 10 blue field grass ( need to get a pic of this into inaturalist).

The garden keeps me going when this world brings me so low. Is it judgment times? It’s this what good Germans felt as the Nazi state rise with it’s hate, unquestionable nationalism.

I say this as the only thing flying overhead are f15 jets. A reminder that those in power have a blindly faithful military. They won’t recognize fascism in their own. Because they are in a superior powerful position as the heros of our society. Yet I know they are in duck and cover mode now while Americans die by the thousands from a preventable predation. Countries who love their countrymen above opinion are back to normal. I may go to hell for my inaction, but I’ve never betrayed my fellow citizens like so many today. I know my knowledge is less than those whose lives are dedicated to the study of infectious disease. The egotism of a few will bring us all down. Our allies sigh at how far we fallen. Will they ever see us as sane again? Will it matter when Russia pops up to take over the husk of America

To ward off these thoughts I tend my garden. In heat and listen to my tunes. I pretend there is nothing outside this little hideaway. If I did tomorrow I will have made the tiniest mark on the earth. And be thankful for that opportunity.

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An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.