Picea Abies – Arbor day norway spruce

Picea Abies – Norway Spruce  (E,M,LC,F)

50 feet Tall x 25′ Spread, soft 1″ slightly curved needles.  The needles turn a darker green / blue as they mature.  They last up to 50 years and grow up to 1 foot per year.
  • Vegetation Type:  Evergreen  (E)
  • Moisture: Medium (M)
  • Soil Type:   Loams, and Clays (LC)
  • Range: Foreign from Europe (F)
  • Started as: Bare Root
Norway spruce 10/22/2020 – I received 10 trees five months ago as part of my annual donation to Arbor Day Foundation. These guys spent the summer in 1 gallon pots and were watered 2x a week on a grass schedule.  Their needles are soft and sway nicely in the wind. My original goal for the 10 would be planting them in areas where they can act as noise barriers. My angst about the every busier / louder four lane road to our west.  The down side is that these trees will be most likely to survive in irrigated land.  So planting on either side of fenced yards would be best.   Their tolerance for drought precludes them from being planted in the non-irrigated portions of open space.  When looking for mature tree pictures I found pictures of ailing Norways when they are placed in the landscape with acidic soil and grass competition. This summer they have grown 4 – 6″ in their pots.  I expect that rate will increase once we get them into the ground come spring.  
Norway Spruce – 2 to a gallon pot. Received May 2020. These will be placed in good homes. Noise reduction from Wadsworth is a good use. Need to get talking to neighbors.

Role in Ecosystem

Since these trees are not a native, the main role as landscape trees can be noise reduction and wind protection. For trees in open spaces, they must be drought tolerant.  2020 shows why.  Our montane forests are burning at an alarming rate, and records for the three largest happened this year alone.  With a 7 month drought, warmer temps and the fall wind equals perfect storm.  What the unprecedentedly large acreage burned also will impact future resources.  Navigating these challenges will require help from many groups. Its unfortunate Arbor Day provide only plants that have value in the landscape but nothing for our animal friends.  I will be reviewing alternatives for our open space.   To purchase larger specimens you might check out Creekside Tree Boulder Co A mature view Kuusk Keila-Paldiski rdt ääres

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