The last harvest of green tomatoes

Day 1  10-Oct

Think this is the first year that I have tried to harvest the green tomatoes before a freeze. To help me ripen these tomatoes, I will use a method for small tomatoes.. tomato in a bottle

🎶 message in a bottle.

Be glad you can’t hear me singing that. Now onto the method. Use a glass jar that is airtight**. This big jar will do nicely. More about airtight later.

A gallon jar for ripening green grape tomatoes

First wash the tomatoes to remove any dirt or bacteria. I will use the slightest bit of antibacterial soap. If I have any that is. Otherwise I will use just a little bit of dish washing soap. Dish washing soap it is.

The tomatoes produce hormones in the form of Ethylene gas to induce ripening. The release of hormone is affected by temperature, sugars, and connection to the plant.

As I rinse I remove the smallest of tomatoes, those that won’t ripen or those that have already shown a little bit of decay. I will also set aside yellow or orange tomatoes, (and these will be ripened on the counter.

Some speeding methods call for setting tomatoes in a sunny window. Some use a banana or apple to increase the amount of Ethylene in a closed container.

Ethylene in growing plants is produced at their roots and tips. This is why tomatoes ripen from the stem tips back to the stalk. In my own experiment, I will have both tomatoes on and off their stems.

If you have larger tomatoes you might use some other methods like paper bag method or ripening in a cardboard box. Since mine are small I will wait on those. So here is my jar, and once the tomatoes are dry I will put these in a jar close the lid and then put them up in my cupboard which stays pretty cool.

From top left: Greenies to the jar, top right: too small and degraded bottom right: some left on stems bottom left: ripen on the counter

Day 7  28-Oct

The vines in a closed jar are showing some hairs of the moldy kind.  I’ve washed the tomatoes, removed the remaining vine, and set them out to dry.  This time the jar will remain open and moved into a sunny spot.  These fellows have been tossed.

Day 22  12-Nov

The right combination at last!  Leaving the jar lid off and sunshine! Beautiful!  

Food for thought: The science of ripening fruit Johnny’s Seeds:  Verona Grape Tomato – Organic

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