Bouteloua curtipendula – Sideoats grama

sideoats grama

Bouteloua curtipendula – Side-oats Grama (Su,DM,A,N) 12-36″ Tall x 12″ Spread, light green spiky leaves.  Purple-red spikes form on one side of the stem from late June to early August.   When blooming,  orange stamens and feathery stigmas form from the spikelets. host plant for a number of butterflies and moths; seeds for birds Blooms:  Mid… Continue reading Bouteloua curtipendula – Sideoats grama

2021 Plant planning homestead

 Silo Garden and Entry Lane Imagine a place to hang out under the shade of the trees,  a silo bar offering up cold beverages while people play cornhole.  This is the silo garden.  To its north end lies a patio with benches and bar stools. To its south a rounded garden of wildflowers and path… Continue reading 2021 Plant planning homestead

Audubon Climate Watch

JANUARY 15 – February 15 Will be participating in the Audubon Climate Watch Program and learning how data collection is completed for study data. Highlights: On 1 day you will do 5 minute counts of species in each of 12 grid areas that are separated by 200 yards.   The following birds are in the study.… Continue reading Audubon Climate Watch

CRP Colorado plains mix for sandy soils

“The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Grasslands is part of the CRP program, a federally funded voluntary program that contracts with agricultural producers so that environmentally sensitive agricultural land is not farmed or ranched, but instead used for conservation benefits.” USDA Farm Service Agency How much is an acre of land? Weld County Local Retailer :… Continue reading CRP Colorado plains mix for sandy soils

Garden Tips

EARLY SPRING – Scarification. Line a small container with coarse sandpaper, rough side facing inward, put on the lid and vigorously shake the seeds until the coats are well scratched. APRIL – Sow cool season crops like radish and broccoli outdoors.  I used a move-able cold frame to cover these crops when a late cold… Continue reading Garden Tips

Short Prairie Mixes for CO neighbors of habitat

As you live in this world you begin to know what makes for happy neighbors. For some its a natural part of life.  For others, we have to work at being amongst the world.  The older I get the more introverted my tendency. Luckily I have outgoing neighbors to draw me out. And over the… Continue reading Short Prairie Mixes for CO neighbors of habitat

Amorpha Canescens – Lead Plant

Habitat: It can be found in prairies, hillsides, roadsides, and open woodlands (Haddock, 2005). Leadplant does very well in sandy to silt-textured soils and is tolerant to weakly acidic, moderately alkaline, and to weakly saline soils. Leadplant is found in areas with little bluestem, big bluestem, switchgrass, Indian grass, prairie dropseed, and also in sand… Continue reading Amorpha Canescens – Lead Plant

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The breeze and strip stone path installation

The path I want to create will be bold where excitement is key and understated where I want calm.   How you say? Its all in the matrix. Bold is red breeze and creamy white steps.  Under-stated is stone dropped in grass. I went with red breeze on the central axis over the bridge to guide… Continue reading The breeze and strip stone path installation

Druids and the mighty oak

There is a live oak along the Wadmalaw River – an angel and a mother. Dressed in her finest mint shawl of spanish moss. You approach her omniscience, and the pull of it’s protective branches bent low, ready to scoop you up and swaddle you in its enormity. A tree more welcoming than anything you’ve… Continue reading Druids and the mighty oak