Garden Tips

  • EARLY SPRING – Scarification. Line a small container with coarse sandpaper, rough side facing inward, put on the lid and vigorously shake the seeds until the coats are well scratched.
  • APRIL – Sow cool season crops like radish and broccoli outdoors.  I used a move-able cold frame to cover these crops when a late cold snap threatens.  Legumes woud like larger roots. Good to put in toilet rolls.    You can take cuttings of dogwood now and put them directly into the ground.
  • MAY – Sow your outdoor vegetable seeds after mothers day.
  • JUNE – Apples should be pruned in summer to get rid of top growth back to bulges in the stem.
  • JULY – Early Potatoes are ready to harvest when they flower. . If grown in containers, dump the whole plant into a wheelbarrow and pick out the spuds.
  • JULY – Sedum can be propagated by leaf cuttings buried 1/3 deep in lean gritty soil.
  • AUGUST –

Plant info

  • Summer fruiting raspberries June to August. New shoots will carry next year’s fruit.


Ericaceous. An Ericaceous bed is a bed with acidic and often nutrient-poor soil such as Ericaceous compost and different types of peat. The pH of the soil is typically between 4.5 and 6. Th

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