Plant your water for your best harvest yet

Imagine having this much water.  And knowing you made it happen.  The Cascata Delle Marmore Falls in Italy are manmade, built to solve problems of another manmade water flow.  Moving water is a long held skill of humans, though the Romans were immensly expert in moving large amounts long distances. For the arid American West,… Continue reading Plant your water for your best harvest yet

Roses in the garden

This is the Portland Rose Garden managed by the Portland Rose Society.

Planting a rose in a Colorado garden. Roses do great in Front Range Colorado, partially due to the dryness of the air which discourages the fungal diseases you see in eastern roses like black spot.  You just need to ensure you have your clays well mixed with organic matter to create space for air and… Continue reading Roses in the garden

Asclepias tuberosa

Asclepias tuberosa- common butterflyweed is an essential part of the Colorado Garden. So lovely and bright, it also is a workhorse for providing  to our natural food web. I am planting this in both a sandy site and a heavy clay – two different varieties. I have seeds from Plants from Prairie Nursery    

Books for Gardening

Be Inspired       Get native for Colorado   Design     Reference   Vegetable Gardening   The Backyard Homestead — Claims with a 1/4 backyard you can grow 2,000 pounds of food.  Guess they haven’t seen my sad little garden!   Garden Design Planting – Planting plans and groupings by Piet Oudolf and… Continue reading Books for Gardening

Whats an olla watering pot?

olla: A cool terracotta watering pot that sits below ground and realeases water slowly by seeping through the whole of the pot.   Olla Garden Watering Pots Below is an excerpt from   • Menasha, WI Ollas are low-tech irrigation pots that were first documented in China about 2000 years ago, and many researchers… Continue reading Whats an olla watering pot?