Propagating Colorado native flower seed indoors and out


April 13 Planted March 4

Ratibida had about seven sprouts. Probably within the last couple days. cotlydon are yellow. Set out into soil.

Geum no sign of sprouting. Many seeds were moldy. These are now in a container outdoors.

Butterflyweed no sign of sprouting.

Dalea P. 2/4 planted February 4th evidence of germination seen on Feb 7 milk jug no drainage holes Southeast facing window.  2/14 germination, brought indoors to control heat/water. 4/13 Many seeds were pricked out from the jug.  Current count:

Butterfly weed outdoors milk jug no drainage February 4th

Prairie smoke outdoors milk jug no drainage February 4 as of 216 none germinated yet.

Rabbit brush outdoors jiffy 131. As of 2/16 none have germinated yet.

2/7 For giveaways I have planted hollyhock, cosmos, Dill and black-eyed Susan. Other seeds I am trying is iron weed, annaphalus, Mexican hair grass, Cardinal climbers, violas, and cactus

2/16 after 12 days dill, cosmos, Mexican hair grass, black-eyed Susan, Anaphalis, Cardinal climbers, and violas have all germinated.

The hollyhocks, ironweed, and cactus have not shown any growth..

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.