Doubts about the Prairie

Can I maintain this?

How do i get from here

.. TO …

Sometimes I think I just made a huge mistake. Easy to mow grass is replaced with open ground and weeds. The grass I hope to grow was mingled with the bluegrass an indistinguishable when trying to clear ground. The stone steps that lead into what was supposed to be a small breeze covered patio is now being expanded to fit larger furniture. There are very large paving stones who’s color matches… nothing. Oh I feel a failure. And in between the see pavers is still grass? Today I used a hand clipper to cut down the grass between the stones. Who has time for that? Granted once I get gray breeze this will all be the past, but need I make it so hard on myself?

I’d always questioned a professional’s use of herbicide to move from blue grass to a native grass prairie. Now I understand. Blue grass for as greedy a resource hog it is – its also rhizomatic and will seek new new grounds.

It is good that I have this time off to rectify the hodge-podge I have. If I don’t make this a sustainable yard, what’s the point? Everyday I walk by what was a gorgeous xeriscaped yard that is now nothing but weed barrier barely covered by mulch spilling out into the sidewalk. Thousands of dollars of plants gone. And what’s left? Yuck, that’s what’s left. This could be the fate of my yard if I don’t make it something you can appreciate. Or at least something you can easily understand how to maintain.

Perhaps others felt this way as they started their journey from a rhizome spread bluegrass to the inevitable open ground and invading weeds. Sigh. It will be done. I just got to get through the first bit. I can imagine my methods are definitely not but professionals would suggest.

Worse yet I had to use herbicide for the first time in 10 years. The hoary cress is a formidable foe and I’m hoping that small amounts of herbicide here and there will finally kill it off. But no application is perfect. Some grass got sprayed as well.

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