What’s blooming week of June 21st

Roses, Penstemon, delphinium, viola. Mint has reappeared in the flower bed, obscuring a Campanula(?)  In the prairie, dill starting to bud, black eyed susans starting to bud,  prairie coneflower blooming.  The pink lemonade honeysuckle smells lovely.   Koeleria Macanthra (June grass), Dianthus gratianopolitanus, Cerastium tomentosum ( Snow in Summer ) all mid bloom. In the shade… Continue reading What’s blooming week of June 21st

Colorado Monarchs and IMMP Pilot 2021

Field Site for IMMP Pilot program in Colorado.

Integrated Monarch Monitoring Program 2021 This year I’m volunteering for a cooperative science program aimed at identifying the habitats monarchs use the most. Previous studies have not included the aspects of resource availability, site vegetation inventories, and the resources used. We all know that monarchs use milkweed for larval stages, but adults have needs for… Continue reading Colorado Monarchs and IMMP Pilot 2021

What’s blooming this week June 13th 2021

Dianthus mid bloom Allium near done Rocky Mountain penstemon just blooming Hybrid tea roses just blooming Peony just blooming Salvia near done Mock orange just blooming Linum near done Catalpa 3/4 of way down blooms are 50% open Iris near done Honeysuckle just blooming Smoke Bush just blooming Clover just blooming Just budding Ratibida columnifera