What’s blooming week of June 21st

Roses, Penstemon, delphinium, viola.

Rosa glauca is a tall shrub with blue-green folliage.

Mint has reappeared in the flower bed, obscuring a Campanula(?) 

In the prairie, dill starting to bud, black eyed susans starting to bud,  prairie coneflower blooming.  The pink lemonade honeysuckle smells lovely.  

Koeleria Macanthra (June grass), Dianthus gratianopolitanus, Cerastium tomentosum ( Snow in Summer ) all mid bloom.

June grass in flower

In the shade of the flowering Catalpa, hellebores are still going. On the south side, white Oriental Lilies and day lillies are starting to bud. The peonies are done.

The north side yard still has white blooms of the large unidentified shrub. Best guess so far is mock orange. Though it is not floriferous like you’d expect from mock orange.

In the front yard: roses and delphinium are mid bloom. Hollyhocks base flowers are starting to bloom. The big bluestem are forming buds as are the daisies. The bedraggled lavender has a couple buds starting to open.

The fuzzy white lambs ears have little purple flowers.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.