Catching up on long overdue chores – mulch

This week two yards of mulch will fill in various beds. At one point all my flower beds had a good couple inch layer of mulch to keep weeds down. The last time I posted about mulching was in 2009. So you can imagine its not high on the list. Though it should be!

After a long wet spring and early summer, the weed battle has been fierce. I’m hopeful I have the whitetop at a manageable point. The front yard is mulched and clean. Tomorrow the back yard will get its polish. I do love a nicely mulched bed.

Two and half yards of mulch left to spread.

Silver Crown Landscape – Nuggets $57.00 /yard

Delivery $70

This mixture has bark like my usual blend but with a bit of the lighter cedar along side. They did not have a playground mix like I purchased for the dog’s fence track.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.