Claire Austin rose is planted

First bud in July after being potted from bare root in June.

I probably shouldn’t have waited until July to plant. But better late than never. This rose and another Austin were purchased as bare root. While determining where they would go, I put them into a temporary pot in potting soil. They took off and the Claire had four bunches of rosebuds by this morning. The buds start out as an almost peach color. They open a nice creamy white and become lighter in full bloom. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of the full bloom. This climber should grow upto 8 foot.

I decided to plant it in the pollinator garden. It will climb up over a hog fence turned arbor. The soil in this area is heavy clay.


I dug a hole that was 12 x 12 inches and then added some gravel and compost when refilling.   The bare root instructions said to plant so that 2 inches of stem are covered.  I don’t believe I planted the rose deep enough. To raise the soil level I added a few bricks to create a wall around it and backfilled with compost and soil. I will refill this each spring to ensure the level of the soil stays just below the bricks.

This Rose will get full sun in a very hot part of the yard.  To help with transplanting,  I trimmed back the growth to allow the roots time to reestablish with less burden on the feeder roots. I will give updates on how it’s managed in it’s new spot.

Getting extra water under a layer of mulch to deepen the soil level. Pollinator garden


After planting I watered daily in the extended heat. This tapered off to every few days. By early September I will only water if it gets above 90 degrees for the day. Reason is you want to encourage the plant to prepare for dormancy. Reducing watering discourages continued active growth.

This fall I need to ensure that the soil is replenished at the base and the root stock is completely covered. If not, the graft can die and you will not have a surviving varietal. This might be why 3 of the 4 roses I planted after purchasing from a nursery reverted to red rambling roses.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.