A patio by the pond

Where better to sit than next to a pond? With the drum of spilling water drowning the drone of man’s machinery.

The original plan for the patio included a dark gray breeze (small rock chip) base material next to a dry, white boulder pond. A contrast of dark and light, a modified Taijitu. ☯ Using the symbol of “two opposing cosmic forces into which creative energy divides and whose fusion in physical matter brings the phenomenal world into being.” This would represent the energy spent in gardening to provide a place of peace and reflection as well as the active buzz of happy insects feasting. My purpose for transforming a pretty green lawn into a wild prairie was to give a home to as many creatures that have been displaced through decades of development for the human inhabitant. But the wordly symbol fell to the desire for a better bare foot experience. Hey I’m human too!

So in came the large cream and dusty pink block. This material is very similar to the front yard wall. Though using its chalky, horizontal surface is new and much lighter than the front face. It cleaves at the chalk layers after being exposed to water for a time. Its longevity may be a problem.

Strip Stone – Wall block used for patio paving and walkways. The horizontal surface is a light cream.

After some review, I removed the pathway edging and took the breeze stone to the ponds edge. This better ties the patio to the pond.

View from back of the house. The containers are temporary to judge the size and style of container that will suit.

The pond before water. A big rock will be a nice spot for soaking your feet.

Over the bridge and around the corner the path leads to the new raised vege beds. I will use the rest of the large stone to make this area more foot friendly.

There is still more to do yet.

  1. Staining the bridge treads a dark smoky gray.
  2. Find pots for the patio entrance. Should they be a dark color as well?
  3. Create the pond. An August project?

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.