Planning the pond.

I like how the dry pond and stream came out – it has the bones of a small mountain stream making its way down the valley to a river bottom. As grass peaks out here and there I will add a few flowering plants.

I am currently scoping out the pond liner and what I will use for a waterfall. What size? Do I want to maintain a pond? Note: additional maintenance is required for ponds to winterize a pond (removing pump for waterfall and adding aeration and deicers).

The sound is the biggest part of a water feature’s allure for me. In testing the tone I would like I found that water falling from 8″ into a pool 2″ deep has a most inviting deep tone. I am looking at the pondless waterfall kits that I might adapt to create a small pool before it settles back down to the pump. If I ever find large acreage – I might need this guide.

An amateur gardener who loves to watch the garden grow.