Ever see a tan mantis?

Mantids are known to change color to match their environment. This one matched my yellow/tan house perfectly… reminds me of a wax bean! He hung out at the front door for a couple days.

I never knew there were over 2400 species of mantid across the world. This one I guessed to be a praying mantis (European mantid) but its distinguishing bulls eye mark on the foreleg can’t be seen. So it remains an unknown kind of mantid.

CSU notes six mantids found in Colorado, one being a praying mantis. Here’s a link to CSU’s mantids in Colorado.

Praying Mantis bulls eye marking the tell-tale mark. Photo by AlaskaDave Wikimedia https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Mantis_religiosa_Fore_Coxa_Marking.JPG

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