Actaea rubra – baneberry

Actaea rubra – Baneberry (Sp,M,CL,N)

  • Blooms Spring (Sp)
  • Soil moisture is medium to wet (M)
  • Grows in loamy soils (CL)
  • Native – feeds birds and mammals
  • Poisonous to humans

A nice plant for the woodland garden it has white flowers in late spring and fruits in red or white.

Actaea rubra is an understory herbaceous perennial plant found in Douglas fir and Ponderosa pine forests in Colorado.

Role in Ecosystem

Red baneberry fruit is consumed by several bird species including the American robin, wood and gray-cheeked thrush, brown thrasher, yellow-bellied sapsucker, gray catbird, and grouse [50,81].  Some small mammals also eat the berries including deer mice, white-footed mice, red squirrel, eastern chipmunks, and red-backed voles [50,81].  Several species of birds that use baneberry eat the fruit but void the seeds, while some of the small mammals remove and eat the seeds leaving the the pulp [81].

Information provided by USFS

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