Lovely neighbor tree gets a crew cut

Today I was in distress. My favorite tree in the neighborhood was at risk! All over the ground were long branches. Was it being cut down? This healthy tall majestic beauty, whose unusual white bark is especially lovely in spring against a pink flowering crabapple? No no NO!

Whew okay, it was only a few big branches that hung over the street. I am so thankful they didn’t cut the tree down. It’s so very lovely.

But I do want to know the name of the company so I don’t use them. I did get a card on my door today for a LCM Tree services. Will have to ask the new neighbor. After our walk I will take a picture of the tree from this same angle to see what’s left of the girl.

My recommendation for tree service is Davey Tree. They have been the best for trimming and their arborists are quite knowledgable on tree care.

Want to find this goodie?

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