2022 Vegetable Garden with Kale and Peas

Jung Seed
01451A – Black Magic Hybrid Kale – 100 seeds 45-60 Day. Dinosaur Kale Flavor is rich and mild, becoming even sweeter after a freeze. This variety is more cold tolerant, vigorous, and slower-to-bolt than other Italian or Tuscan kales.

02252A – Dukat Dill – 1000 seeds This variety is supposed to form more folliage before it forms seeds so will see if the swallowtails like it.

01456A Rainbow Candy Crush Kale – 10 seeds 45-50 days, very colorful and

30380 – Chester Thornless Blackberry

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Jung Seed selections for 2022

08170A – White Double Zahara Zinnia – 20 Seeds This zinnia may replace the Shasta Daisies in the front bed. They will be tested in pots this year to determine if pollinators like them.

08117A – Profusion Cherry Zinnia – 20 Seeds The plants grow into tight, spreading mounds up to 20 inches wide, displaying 2 inch cherry-red blooms just 60 to 65 days after sowing. These say they attract butterflies so we will see.

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