More colorful Colorado native flowering plants for the prairie garden.

Prairie Year 2 2021
In the front June grass and Monarda fistulosa with its pretty violet firework shaped petals. Then Echnicaea purpurea with its bright pink petals and in the back (west end) a mass of Rudbeckia hirta.

There is always room for improvement after a bed is created by seed. While last year the Rudbeckia took over the whole of the west area of the bed, it was never intended to have so much presence. To equalize the color scheme a variety of plants will be added this year.

Where the Rudbeckia hirta was last year, Echinaecea will be added next to the asters. Their seedheads will provide a dark back drop for the Bluebeard in winter. Since the monarda is such a hit with bumble bees I’ve left room for more.

2021 the transplanted Rudbeckia went to town. The asters in the top left won’t flower for another month.
New colors of pink, violet and even white of pearly everlasting.

On the mound the blue fescue will be moved forward to give room for the Caryopteris (Bluebeard) to fill out. Caryopteris is loved by bees and has striking structure in the winter. I don’t know if this will be its permanent home, or if it would sit better where originally intended next to the Weigela florida with dark leaves. The weigela needs to prove it will be happy in the spot its been transplanted to. To add extra brightness to the pallet, a dahlia will be planted in.

Caryopteris (bluebeard) at top will grow to 3x this size at maturity.

New Additions

I am excited to add the following plants to the scheme this year.

Scientfic NameMonthStratificationSow LocationCommon Name
Anemone virginianaMarchtrueIndoorsTall thimbleweed
Aquilegia canadensisMarchtrueIndoorsEastern Red Columbine
Geum triflorumMarchtrueIndoorsPrairie Smoke
Scrophularia lanceolataMarchtrueIndoorsEarly Figwort
Scrophularia marilandicaMarchtrueIndoorsLate figwort
Zinnia hybridaMarchfalseIndoorsProfusion Cherry Zinnia
New plants sown this year

So far the anemone and figwort are not germinating via my normal method of fridge cold strat and then popped into jiffy pellets on a heat mat.

Patio Changes

Need to plant the waterfall at the eastern edge of the dry pond, or northern edge of the mound facing the patio. A positive of the mound location would ensure the solar panel for it to run will get maximum Sun. If tall grasses are planted at east side of the pond, then the waterfall might only be heard and not seen. Plus having the waterfall and catchment area near the mound may allow water to be added to the catchment area via the sprinkler on the south side of the mound.

The entrance to the pond needs to move a foot to the right follow The line you see in the stamped concrete going straight out the edge zone should line up with that. This will also mean the blue flax will have to move which is fine.

A foot to the right provides the focal point to the bridge and rose in the back. Replacing the rose with yellow-twigged dogwood as focal brightens the area. A grass hedge will direct the eye to it.

Stay tuned for the plan for a focal at the fence.

Maintenance for winter

In FALL cut back all of the grass in the front ( June grass ) to a short flat top. This will provide a neater look at the front of the bed. The grasses facing the patio will remain full to provide a border for the jumble of seed heads I hope to maintain.

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