Strawberries for Colorado

Strawberries do well in Colorado gardens when they are protected from hungry critters and watered properly. Did you know strawberries aren’t actually berries but accessory fruit? The juicy deliciousness we eat doesn’t come from the plant’s ovary, as in other berries, but the space the ovary sits inside called the receptacle. A strawberry’s skin is… Continue reading Strawberries for Colorado

Chores before another spring snow includes potting dahlias

Today is supposed to be 70+ degrees, a perfect time to get some seeds sown and tender perennials potted up to wait for the last frost. The new normal for spring in Colorado includes large swings in temps from 70 to 20 and back again. Only the hardiest plants can take frost on their new… Continue reading Chores before another spring snow includes potting dahlias

I want that plant!

Do you ever see a plant that you think- ooh wouldn’t that be nice in my yard? Here is my list. For Spring Ribes sanguinium ‘Elkingtons white’s flowering currant Anenome nemerosa white flowers in spring <— I have anenome virginiana Pulmonaria ‘diana clare’. Lungwort Trillium kurabayashii giant purple wake robim. Speckled leaves with red flowers.… Continue reading I want that plant!

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