I want that plant!

Do you ever see a plant that you think- ooh wouldn’t that be nice in my yard? Here is my list.

For Spring

Ribes sanguinium ‘Elkingtons white’s flowering currant

Anenome nemerosa white flowers in spring <— I have anenome virginiana

Pulmonaria ‘diana clare’. Lungwort

Trillium kurabayashii giant purple wake robim. Speckled leaves with red flowers.

Saxifraga ‘alpino Rose’. Mossy saxifrage dark and light pink flowers in shade.

For a planter

Fargesia murielae ‘simbat’. A 6′ bamboo that can grow in a pot.

For fragrance

Pelargonium. Leaves are fragrant

Sweet pea cupani is oldest variety and best scent.

For summer

Salvia armistad

Cerinthe major purpurascens Honeywort is a silvery leaved triailing plant with interesting blue and purple flowers. Another variety, dark brings a moody look.

Echinops ritro – globe thistle Blue-grey summer perennial from zones 3 – 8. It can tolerate a hot dry site, or sandy sea-salt. So must be a toughy. I would plant it at the back of the border where it will stand 4′ x 16″

For warmer climates

Arbutus x andrachnoides Hybrid strawberry tree – Only hardy to zone 7 so too far out of the realm.

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