An idea for carving the maple stump

Its been three years since the iron chlorotic silver maple was cut down. I had the left limb with the old bee hive removed this winter. So now what to do with this huge stump? We kept it since it holds one end of the hammock. I had the idea that I could put flower pots on top and grow honeysuckle at its base to become a tower of flowers and fragrance. The problem? The top of the stump is about 7 foot. I’d need a ladder every time I planted and how would I water? Some wood carvers create holes in the top of their carvings for succulent planting. Some even hollow out the whole length of a stump to become a succulent planter. But noone will see cute little succulents seven feet up.

The 7 foot silver maple stump with the outline of tulips for carving.

What about a carving of something simple, like a tulip. I have no experience with a chainsaw nor grinding tools and from what I’ve read silver maple is a more difficult wood to work with becuase of its hardness and grain pattern. But I did see this lovely creation an artist Kris from Custom Sculpture did. The stump in the pictures looked to be fresh as there were leaves growing in the first pic.

This maple has not been treated with anything to preserve it. There are cracks forming on at least one side of the stump. Stripping it of all its bark will let me see the wood’s condition.

This spring I may play on the back side this summer to see just how hard it might be to cut and if its worth the effort. If its in decent shape I could sand and seal it.

Another idea would be to stain the image into the stump. I wouldn’t lose a finger doing that!

Worst comes to it — the wood becomes part of a stumpery.

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