Seeds repair their DNA

I never knew that part of a seed’s development when it first germinates is to repair damage to DNA done as a seed ages. Seed quality deteriorates with age, and this is associated with accumulation of genome damage. During germination, repair processes are activated to deal with accumulated DNA damage. In particular, single- and double-strand… Continue reading Seeds repair their DNA

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Oligoneuron rigidum – Stiff goldenrod

Oligoneuron rigidum Stiff Goldenrod (F,DM,A,A) 3 – 5 ft H x 2 – 3 ft W. Flat-topped yellow flower clusters in late summer. Multi-stemmed with long basal leaves and progressively shorter lanced shaped leaves near the crown. Hairy leaves (pubescent) feel velvety to the touch and have a nice sheen. Leaves may turn red in… Continue reading Oligoneuron rigidum – Stiff goldenrod