The art of staking in a flower or vegetable patch

There is nothing better than an architectural piece of a garden.  Giving extra support is a necessity for plants like tomatos and beans. In small gardens a squash can take over a whole bed, so growing vertically is a must.  Supports need the right amount of heft to faithfully hold up its cargo and yet… Continue reading The art of staking in a flower or vegetable patch

Dianthus cuttings

In my garden I have  4 Dianthus gratianapolitanus  ‘Cheddar Pink’ on a mound with good drainage.  An herbaceous perennial with deep pink flowers float over a lovely grayish green leaves, they form nice clumps of evergreen ground cover.   These incredibly spicy clove scented flowers bloom in early summer.  herbaceous – an annual or perennial… Continue reading Dianthus cuttings

Planting Prunus persica ‘Redhaven’ peach

Planting Date:  3/8/2021 The nursery near me had 3 varieties of semi-dwarf peach trees.  My desires are pretty general.  I want a delicious peach that can reliably ripen before a frost (as early as early September) and one that is hardy. Prunus persica hails from an intermountain region of China, in the province on Nanjing. … Continue reading Planting Prunus persica ‘Redhaven’ peach

Roses in the garden

This is the Portland Rose Garden managed by the Portland Rose Society.

Planting a rose in a Colorado garden. Roses do great in Front Range Colorado, partially due to the dryness of the air which discourages the fungal diseases you see in eastern roses like black spot.  You just need to ensure you have your clays well mixed with organic matter to create space for air and… Continue reading Roses in the garden

My Jung Seed Order 2018

Product Sku Quantity Price Blue And White Floral Compost Keeper 54096 1 $29.95 Chandler Blueberry 30112 1 $13.95 Cornus Canadensis Or Bunchberry 14707 1 $8.95 King Arthur Hybrid Pepper 03144A 1 $3.50 Lemony Lace Sambucus 20889 1 $16.95 Margarets Pepper EB03184 1 $0.99 Marie Frances French Lilac 21069 1 $13.95 Mucho Nacho Hybrid Pepper 03059A… Continue reading My Jung Seed Order 2018

Planting the Spring Salad

Notice the small flower buds near the lower stems

      Now is the time to plant lettuce, kale, and spinach for a late spring salad. I will be planting these in the sunniest of my raised beds. You can also put out some flowers tolerant of low temperatures down to 32 degrees. Seedlings can be planted now, but its suggested to install a… Continue reading Planting the Spring Salad

Square Foot Garden – Irrigation and Planting!

After building boxes, installing beds, and making soil we finally got to plant the square foot plan I created.  As with all plans, adjustments were made to better accommodate the plants I had and the irrigation I convinced my husband Mike to create. Irrigation Originally Mike envisioned spray heads at each corner of the beds.  I thought this might… Continue reading Square Foot Garden – Irrigation and Planting!