Dianthus cuttings

In my garden I have  4 Dianthus gratianapolitanus  ‘Cheddar Pink’ on a mound with good drainage.  An herbaceous perennial with deep pink flowers float over a lovely grayish green leaves, they form nice clumps of evergreen ground cover.   These incredibly spicy clove scented flowers bloom in early summer.  herbaceous – an annual or perennial… Continue reading Dianthus cuttings

Propagating colorado native flower seed indoors and out

2021 April 13 Planted March 4 Ratibida had about seven sprouts. Probably within the last couple days. cotlydon are yellow. Set out into soil. Geum no sign of sprouting. Many seeds were moldy. These are now in a container outdoors. Butterflyweed no sign of sprouting. Dalea P. 2/4 planted February 4th evidence of germination seen… Continue reading Propagating colorado native flower seed indoors and out

Fall is near, it’s time to reflect on planting

Sheri Hagwood, hosted by the USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

When I look about the garden I see a lot of finished projects for the first time in a long time. This year’s been very productive. Not only have I found a few plants that are beneficial to both birds and me, I have found a new sense of appreciation for maintenance, the test of… Continue reading Fall is near, it’s time to reflect on planting

Picea Abies – Arbor day norway spruce

Picea Abies – Norway Spruce  (E,M,LC,F) 50 feet Tall x 25′ Spread, soft 1″ slightly curved needles.  The needles turn a darker green / blue as they mature.  They last up to 50 years and grow up to 1 foot per year. Vegetation Type:  Evergreen  (E) Moisture: Medium (M) Soil Type:   Loams, and Clays (LC)… Continue reading Picea Abies – Arbor day norway spruce

Seed germination for native prairie 2020

sideoats grama

Using both indoor an outdoor sowing methods a new prairie of warm season bunch grasses, and forbs. Indoor Methods Indoor Medium: Peat pots Indoor growing environment: Heat mat, 2 florescent lights on 12 hours.  1 plant light, 1 plain. Side oats grama propagation Indoor sowing results produced leaves within seven days when laid on top… Continue reading Seed germination for native prairie 2020

Veges for 2020

Planted cabbage and lettuce outside on 3/17. These will be a complete test but should help me busy in late spring! Indoors trying old seeds to see if any sprout, including beets and Roma tomatoes. Will pick up tomatoes from the person down the street if I can’t find any. In the patch that’s been… Continue reading Veges for 2020

A rich hollyhock hybrid

Who knew you could create your own hollyhock by planting a variety of cultivars. This deep fuscia is the combination of Alcea Rosea ‘nigra’ and ‘peaches and dreams’. I think I could sell the seeds of this beauty don’t you? The Nigra The peaches and dreams The new combo