Picea Abies – Arbor day norway spruce

Picea Abies – Norway Spruce  (E,M,LC,F) 50 feet Tall x 25′ Spread, soft 1″ slightly curved needles.  The needles turn a darker green / blue as they mature.  They last up to 50 years and grow up to 1 foot per year. Vegetation Type:  Evergreen  (E) Moisture: Medium (M) Soil Type:   Loams, and Clays (LC)… Continue reading Picea Abies – Arbor day norway spruce

Straw Bale Garden

Just one of these can be a garden's home

This week I have received my vegetable seeds and are starting plans for next years garden. I came across a new way to keep a vegetable garden weed free, the straw bale garden.   The inventor of this method, Joel Karsten has written a book called ‘Straw Bale Gardens’ to show gardeners the method.  Essentially… Continue reading Straw Bale Garden

Evergreens with winterburn

Gold Juniper

So how did the garden fare over the 2010 winter? Well not so great.  From July through December, only 4.8 inches of snowfall was recorded at the official DIA weather station.  This is the second lowest half season snowfall on record, and a dry winter can take its toll on non-native plants.   For more… Continue reading Evergreens with winterburn

Transplanting the Weeping Cherry

Cherry tree moved

Growing Weeping Cherries in Colorado. Last year in early spring,  I purchased a dwarf weeping cherry (Prunus subhirtella ‘Pendula’  x Var unknown.)   It  was to be a focal point nearing the front entry way.  After one season I realized that although called dwarf, its branches were already hanging over the walkway and would become… Continue reading Transplanting the Weeping Cherry