Plant your water for your best harvest yet

Imagine having this much water.  And knowing you made it happen.  The Cascata Delle Marmore Falls in Italy are manmade, built to solve problems of another manmade water flow.  Moving water is a long held skill of humans, though the Romans were immensly expert in moving large amounts long distances. For the arid American West,… Continue reading Plant your water for your best harvest yet

Whats an olla watering pot?

olla: A cool terracotta watering pot that sits below ground and realeases water slowly by seeping through the whole of the pot.   Olla Garden Watering Pots Below is an excerpt from   • Menasha, WI Ollas are low-tech irrigation pots that were first documented in China about 2000 years ago, and many researchers… Continue reading Whats an olla watering pot?

2021 Plant planning homestead

 Silo Garden and Entry Lane Imagine a place to hang out under the shade of the trees,  a silo bar offering up cold beverages while people play cornhole.  This is the silo garden.  To its north end lies a patio with benches and bar stools. To its south a rounded garden of wildflowers and path… Continue reading 2021 Plant planning homestead

Rabbit casualties

This morning I found the smooth aster I’ve been tending all summer munched to the nib. This after two months, ok why now? Of note is everything is back on a the system watering schedule. This supports the theory that highly watered plants are more tasty than minimally watered plants. It’s getting to be time… Continue reading Rabbit casualties

Growing Condition Su-M-LC-XA

Blooms:  Summer  (Su) Moisture: Medium  (M) Soil Type: Loam and Clay (LC) Range: Non-Native EXotic Annual (XA) Plants with this growing condition will need extra care and moisture. Propogated By: Seed or plug. Can be sown outdoors or in, though controlling conditions for non-natives may have better germination rates. Annual plants like these may be… Continue reading Growing Condition Su-M-LC-XA

Potatoes in a sack. Adding soil after two weeks.

Potatoes in a sack. Planted June 1 or about.

I will start okay. The potatoes are growing like little weeds in their sacks. The one on the right has composted soil and on the left Miracle-Gro. The instructions say to fill the sack as the stems start to grow. I wasn’t sure if you should remove the leaves before adding soil. So I just… Continue reading Potatoes in a sack. Adding soil after two weeks.

Computerized Sprinkler System Controller

Being geeks we couldn’t pass up a sprinkler controller that you can manage from your PC.  Its the Irritrol PC Control. It took almost no time to setup and now we are just waiting for the rain gauge to dry up so we can see if our schedules work. I think even better than the… Continue reading Computerized Sprinkler System Controller