Square Foot Garden – Soil Mixture

Vege soil mixture

They say to have a great garden you must have great soil. So following the suggestions of square foot gardeners I created my own soil from a recipe online.  It called for equal parts compost, vermiculite and peat moss.   I purchased all the soil components at Lowes or Home Depot.  Sold in cubic feet… Continue reading Square Foot Garden – Soil Mixture

Soil Test Results

CSU Soil Kit

I recieved the results back from the Colorado State University Soil Labs site http://www.soiltestinglab.colostate.edu Shade Area Results Lab Number: H1648a Sample ID Number: shade Date Received 4/20/2011 Date Reported: 5/4/2011 County Jefferson Irrigation yes, sprinkler Plants brunnera, hydrangea to be grown previous amendments added: bonemeal at planting (tbsp), top dress compost yrly 1″ (5-6yrs), soil… Continue reading Soil Test Results

Spring clean-up

After a winter wondering if the pain in my hip I endured for months after a long day of bulb planting was worth it, I have to say yes! The daffodils add such a happy vibe to an otherwise drab spring background. I will definitely be adding more color for spring come this fall. So… Continue reading Spring clean-up