Seed Starting 2010

Colorado has a fairly short growing season, so many of the plants that would normally be started outdoors after danger of last spring frost I chose to start indoors. Getting the timing right is always a challenge. If you start too soon, plants will tend to be leggy and will have a hard time adjusting… Continue reading Seed Starting 2010

When soil is delivered, dump it in the drive.

So here is why you don’t dump soil in the street during a rainy month. BYE BYE DIRT! To add insult to injury – we had to go shovel up the sand and gravel that was left in the gutters after the rains slowed.  Now what to do with the sand….

Topsoil Coverage and other materials

Pioneer Materials Calculator Material coverage estimate = 4″ depth = 45 sq ft – see top soil calculator Total in YARDS = or 9 yards 2009 Total cost = 26.95 x 9 = $236.25 for Jensen’s Planters Mix Front Yard north side of walk = 609 sq’ x 3″ = 5.6 yards south side of… Continue reading Topsoil Coverage and other materials