Where will the birds go?

Updated 8/20/2022 Climate change is impacting the summer and winter grounds for migrating birds.  Predictions for habitat loss due to climate is being studied so that wildlife corridors are saved for those birds as they determine new areas to live in a changing world. 2022 – 6 years on I continue the work. In 2016… Continue reading Where will the birds go?

Winter has arrived

My favorite squirrel

Goodbye Colorado Indian summer, hello winter! This fall has been so mild I was beginning to wonder if winter had any plans on showing up this year. This week we’ve seen 8″ or more in a few storms here in Colorado. I caught this guy at our feeder, he scurried up the tree, but not… Continue reading Winter has arrived

Preparing for Garden Visitors

Blue Jay spying a squirrels hidden peanut

As a gardener, Spring is a most exciting time.  From watching the first signs of bulbs emerging from their still chilly soil to witnessing the return of favorite birds, Spring never fails to instill hope and renewal.  Although I provide bird seed for the hardy winter guests and love to watch the squirrels and finch… Continue reading Preparing for Garden Visitors