A new hammock

A blue to believe - hammock

  This hammock is the king of hammocks.  Extra wide to fit a couple comfortably.  The rope material is soft against the skin but made of material that will withstand the elements. And what a color! If you would like to purchase, search for: Pawley’s Island/Presidentail Size Original DuraCord Rope Hammock in Coastal Blue

Meet my Dragon

Paws is precious

This is Paws. Isn’t he the most special sweetest garden ornament you’ve seen? My friend Brenda agrees.  So I will be heading out to a new nursery, Creek Side Gardens, http://www.plantsbycreekside.com/ to buy Brenda her very own. He will look especially at home once I get the annuals planted.  What a treasure.

Preparing for Garden Visitors

Blue Jay spying a squirrels hidden peanut

As a gardener, Spring is a most exciting time.  From watching the first signs of bulbs emerging from their still chilly soil to witnessing the return of favorite birds, Spring never fails to instill hope and renewal.  Although I provide bird seed for the hardy winter guests and love to watch the squirrels and finch… Continue reading Preparing for Garden Visitors