Bee Killing Pesticides at Lowes and Home Depot

  So disappointing that the gardening industry would put all natural bee populations at risk by selling pesticide laden plants to unsuspecting customers. An independent study found plants sold at Lowe’s and Home Depot tested positive for Neonicotinoid pesticides.  This is the same pesticide that many nations are reviewing as a contributor to bee colony… Continue reading Bee Killing Pesticides at Lowes and Home Depot

Dragons and other Mythical creatures

I found the companions of my favorite new garden creature, Paws. Campania International is a wholesaler that specializes in cast stone pieces for your garden. They have a link to find a retailer near you.  Last year I was able to get these statues from Creek Side Gardens, and will try again there this year.  But… Continue reading Dragons and other Mythical creatures

New Rose Bed

The old and new garden beds with nice new stacked stone.

Setting out to accomplish a single task I found others cropped up begging to be completed first.  So was the case of my rose garden. To get my vegetable garden’s raised beds set, I need to first get the new fence completed as it will sit just behind the 4 x4 beds.  To do the… Continue reading New Rose Bed

Tree Service

Preservation Tree Care 303-797-6143 We had them trim our silver maple and ash tree in the front yard this past fall, and they did an excellent job. They are a little expensive if you want a tree removed, but their expertise in trimming and caring for un-loved trees cannot be surpassed. I will be calling… Continue reading Tree Service