2022 rings in

Happy New Year! To all the imaginary readers I have, may this year be the rise out of disease into a more healthy, meaningful, and fulfilled future!

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2021 A Colorado fall to remember

September 2021 As fall begins to settle in I have time to reflect on the highlights of the year’s garden. Side-oats grama is blooming with little red blossoms and big bluestem’s turkey feet soar above the darkening seedheads of Echinacea purpurea. Every year is different in Tidy Chaos. This year so much changed as I… Continue reading 2021 A Colorado fall to remember

Recipes for big Plum and Purple Cherokee tomato harvests.

3 tomato plants each over 6' tall

Moving the raised bed was quite a success this year. I had pounds and pounds of two varities of tomatoes. Cherokee Purple I purchased seeds from an organization I love to support, Seed Savers. Cherokee purple is a pinkish brown heirloom from Tennessee, though not from the Cherokee tribe whose lands originally covered much of… Continue reading Recipes for big Plum and Purple Cherokee tomato harvests.

A new gardening club

2021 keeps bearing gifts with the formation of a new gardening club in my neighborhood. With so many lovely gardens, I was excited to see what wonders lie behind privacy fences. Unfortunately I missed the first day of tours. Maybe next year. Nothing is more fun than sharing your garden with friends. Like all artistic… Continue reading A new gardening club

Cleaning up teasel in the Meadows

Cutleaf Teasel is a tall, (6-10 foot), spiky single stemmed large leafed herbaceous perennial from Europe. Its composite flowers form a sausage shaped head on long multiple stems growing from leaf nodes. Cutleaf teasel An escapee from gardens, it is now considered invasive in Colorado due to its prolific reseeding in open areas. To help… Continue reading Cleaning up teasel in the Meadows

The prairie’s color

The colors of a Colorado prairie are light and airy. The color of straw, of pink lipstick and sage.

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Doubts about the Prairie

Can I maintain this? How do i get from here .. TO … Sometimes I think I just made a huge mistake. Easy to mow grass is replaced with open ground and weeds. The grass I hope to grow was mingled with the bluegrass an indistinguishable when trying to clear ground. The stone steps that… Continue reading Doubts about the Prairie

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