Whats an olla watering pot?

olla: A cool terracotta watering pot that sits below ground and realeases water slowly by seeping through the whole of the pot.   Olla Garden Watering Pots Below is an excerpt from www.onewintrynightollas.com   • Menasha, WI Ollas are low-tech irrigation pots that were first documented in China about 2000 years ago, and many researchers… Continue reading Whats an olla watering pot?

2021 Plant planning homestead

 Silo Garden and Entry Lane Imagine a place to hang out under the shade of the trees,  a silo bar offering up cold beverages while people play cornhole.  This is the silo garden.  To its north end lies a patio with benches and bar stools. To its south a rounded garden of wildflowers and path… Continue reading 2021 Plant planning homestead

CRP Colorado plains mix for sandy soils

“The Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Grasslands is part of the CRP program, a federally funded voluntary program that contracts with agricultural producers so that environmentally sensitive agricultural land is not farmed or ranched, but instead used for conservation benefits.” USDA Farm Service Agency How much is an acre of land? Weld County Local Retailer :… Continue reading CRP Colorado plains mix for sandy soils

Short Prairie Mixes for CO neighbors of habitat

As you live in this world you begin to know what makes for happy neighbors. For some its a natural part of life.  For others, we have to work at being amongst the world.  The older I get the more introverted my tendency. Luckily I have outgoing neighbors to draw me out. And over the… Continue reading Short Prairie Mixes for CO neighbors of habitat

Sandy Soil Natives

This is my first foray into sandy / loose soils.  Up until this year, most of my gardening has taken place in mature suburban yards.   Places with some pretty ugly clay when you dig down.  Thank goodness for the class I’m taking.  I have learned about sand as a soil and how to work with… Continue reading Sandy Soil Natives

A Transformation sometimes starts with a buzz, this is ViDas first day

First Published 5/28/2018.     Yesterday was a good day. I am jubilant with the progress made in my nephew’s yard. We spent the afternoon doing clean up and discovery. We learned they have a grape vine growing up and over their northern fence. While grapes are cool, the vine also began climbing the evergreens… Continue reading A Transformation sometimes starts with a buzz, this is ViDas first day

GMA’s House

Suggestions for GMA’s house 1.  West Side of house Vine – trumpet creeper Lower flowering – Daylily Rose – Red climbing Regent Serviceberry – white flowers in spring, fall color   2. West Side – rock garden Stone Samples   A xeric tree that might work in sandy soils. Russian  Hawthorn  http://www.thetreefarm.com/hawthorne-russian Clear Creek Yellowhorn… Continue reading GMA’s House