The prairie’s color

The colors of a Colorado prairie are light and airy. The color of straw, of pink lipstick and sage.

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Doubts about the Prairie

Can I maintain this? How do i get from here .. TO … Sometimes I think I just made a huge mistake. Easy to mow grass is replaced with open ground and weeds. The grass I hope to grow was mingled with the bluegrass an indistinguishable when trying to clear ground. The stone steps that… Continue reading Doubts about the Prairie

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The pollution soakers: Colorado natives to test

Cotoneaster franchetii  plant beat all others in a Royal Horticultural Society study to determine how much car pollution a hedge formed plant removed from the air and captured within leaf materials.  Leaf samples were measured for heavy metals: Zn, Cu, Pb, as well as Na.  before and after being exposed to roadside traffic for 9 days without… Continue reading The pollution soakers: Colorado natives to test

Druids and the mighty oak

There is a live oak along the Wadmalaw River – an angel and a mother. Dressed in her finest mint shawl of spanish moss. You approach her omniscience, and the pull of it’s protective branches bent low, ready to scoop you up and swaddle you in its enormity. A tree more welcoming than anything you’ve… Continue reading Druids and the mighty oak

Fall is near, it’s time to reflect on planting

Sheri Hagwood, hosted by the USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database

When I look about the garden I see a lot of finished projects for the first time in a long time. This year’s been very productive. Not only have I found a few plants that are beneficial to both birds and me, I have found a new sense of appreciation for maintenance, the test of… Continue reading Fall is near, it’s time to reflect on planting

Hotline for smoking vehicles

Contact the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment at 303-692-3211 or email information to  Please include the suspected vehicle’s license plate number and, if possible, whether it’s gasoline- or diesel-powered.  This hotline is only for reporting smoking vehicles with permanent Colorado license plates and not out-of-state plates or temporary tags.

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Desert fall

Rust Burgundy Olive Straw Gray The colors of the fall desert. What a lovely sight. Such harmony of colors Monet would have been jealous. The most beautiful come from a spiky bitter weed I cannot name but surely remember from childhood romps in the fields behind our home. I wonder how many traveling along this… Continue reading Desert fall

Natives are gorgeous in pink and yellow.

Tough but pretty. That’s what I like in a plant. There’s no tougher than the black-eyed Susan and narrow leaved echinacea. These have been watered only twice during the hottest of July temps (101). Originally only 6 or 7 plants were grown from seed, and each year these go to seed and new plants appear.… Continue reading Natives are gorgeous in pink and yellow.