Cleaning up teasel in the Meadows

Cutleaf Teasel is a tall, (6-10 foot), spiky single stemmed large leafed herbaceous perennial from Europe. Its composite flowers form a sausage shaped head on long multiple stems growing from leaf nodes. Cutleaf teasel An escapee from gardens, it is now considered invasive in Colorado due to its prolific reseeding in open areas. To help… Continue reading Cleaning up teasel in the Meadows

Middleton place

I’m reading a book while I’m here, Charlseton. We arrived at Middleton mid-morning amongst dense dense trees. How did anyone think that they could grow something out of a land so boggy and swampy? We got to Middleton place and all the sudden you see live oaks azaleas and camellias the azaleas and Camellias are… Continue reading Middleton place

Lavender Festival 2016

It was great to spend time with my dearest friend Brenda at the Chatfield Farm at Denver Botanic Gardens. Showing off over 800 lavender plants of many varieties, the lavender festival catered to all visitors with garden tours, food, and many vendors selling products made from the plant. In my garden,  ‘Provence’ has done well,… Continue reading Lavender Festival 2016

Portland Rose Garden

LATE SEPTEMBER! Can you imagine?

Portland, the city of roses. Did you know that in 1905 Portland had over 200 miles of roads lined with roses? International Rose Garden We visited in late September. Not the best time of year for a rose garden and was still highly impressed with the variety and health of the garden. Located in Washington… Continue reading Portland Rose Garden